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My name is -Pod- and I've been skateboarding since 1985 and photographing skateboarding, music (bands and live shows), People, places and other random images since 1992. I also publish a skateboard zine called "SAUCE" that was born in Portland late 2004. I'm originally from Tempe, Arizona and currently reside in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am a very versatile photographer that can shoot just about anything and have a professional eye for detail and color as well as a self motivated artist. I love photography and take great pride in my work. Please feel free to browse around and view my work. Any questions, comments, and / or inquiries for hiring my camera and I for services, please use my contact information below. Thank you for stopping by.


Check out my bookstore here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Pod

SAUCE skateboard zine
P.O. Box 42124
Portland, Oregon 97242

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